Go Kids - Home Cooking with Life on Track



What You’re Getting

Go Kids and Life on Track have partnered to treat you and some food-loving friends to a delicious, hands-on healthy cooking class in the comfort of your own home.  Danielle, the founder of Life on Track, will assist you and your friends in preparing 3 dishes start to finish (including cleaning the dishes). Each guest will get a personalized folder that includes the recipes for the night's meal plus two additional healthy recipes, a "tasty treats" cheat sheet, our healthy habits guidelines and a collection of coupons from our local, healthy lifestyle partners. 



Classes will be held in your kitchen with your friends. When you sign up for a class, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to help us learn more about your personal tastes, kitchen layout and equipment. No kitchen is too small to teach in, but be prepared to use tabletops in living or dining areas if extra class space is needed.



The choice of 3 unique menu items (starter, main, dessert) that can be custom designed to suit your tastes, skills, and kitchen equipment. You can get a sense of our recipes by looking at the images below. Classes are tailored to individual tastes and instructional needs so customization is always welcome.



$299:  For Four to Seven People (including host)  

$399:  For Eight to Ten People (including host)  















Healthy Lifestyle Partners

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