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About Go Kids

Go Kids is the Capital Region’s only exercise program exclusively designed for children.  Go Kids understands that a foundation of healthy habits integrated into a child's early development will not only last a lifetime but also motivate parents and peers to live healthy lifestyles.  Go Kids offers multiple programs including our multi-sport program for preschoolers, camps for children in elementary school and multi-aged physical education classes designed for children of all ages.  

Check out our Core Values!

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Go Kids increases confidence and prepares children for participation in school and the broader community.
Preparing kids for school and life in the "real world" is a challenging task for all parents.  Spending time with other children will help your child prepare socially and emotionally for school and the broader community.  At Go Kids we understand the importance of making learning fun.  All of our activities are kids focused.
Go Kids introduces “Life skills”: Sportsmanship, Independence, Friendship​
At Go Kids, life skills such as sportsmanship, working with a group, creative thinking, independence, listening and decision making are always placed at the forefront of class. Your child will leave class confident and excited to showcase their new skills at home.
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Go Kids integrates fun activities that focus on gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination.
All Go Kids staff are trained to guide your youngsters in age-appropriate activities.  Your child will work on running, climbing, kicking, tumbling, playing catch, throwing and balancing.  These skills act as the perfect foundation for future success with sports.


Go Kids promotes a lifelong love of sports and exercise!
A lifelong love of physical activity starts in childhood. Your child will be  strengthening their hearts, lungs and bones.  Exercising at an early age reduces blood sugar levels, controls weight, regulates blood pressure, improves energy levels and enhances emotional well-being.*


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*Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics; American Medical Association; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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