Go Kids On The Go


Go Kids On The Go is a traveling class supported by the Go Kids Foundation that allows the Go Kids philosophy to reach more towns who would benefit from active play. Go Kids On The Go will provide discounted classes for ages 2-5 while also contributing to the Go Kids Foundation.


The On The Go classes will be an hour long and consist of free play, warm ups, stretching, a combination of active imagination games and track and field, the obstacle course and the parachute.  

These classes allow your family more flexibility to attend the classes that work well for your schedule and your budget. They offer your family financial flexibility as you only pay for the classes that you attend. There won't be set costs for these classes, but rather "suggested donations" in order to support our continuation and expansion of the On The Go program as well as the Go Kids Foundation.

On the Go Locations:  Amsterdam, Johnstown, Glovervsville, Canajoharie

Find out when the next On the Go Class will be and recommend new locations on our Facebook Page.